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Martyn Austin Daily Record Newspaper and EK News

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Daily Record ran a number of story`s following the accident starting 2 days after he passed,

Sarah Vesty was a newly qualified reporter at the time, who even though she had not spoken to us following the tragic accident showed extreme compassion for what we had gone through.

The story was followed initially through Facebook and after reading her story I had contacted her and thanked her, she is a credit to her profession.

The Daily Record is a staunch advocate of bike safety they don’t trash motorcyclists unlike some tabloids it is a 2 way street there are bad motorcyclist and bad car drivers, who ignore bikers don`t take the extra time to check and won`t give space because they are stuck in traffic everyone should be.

MARTYS is about bike safety and promoting awareness and we thank the Daily Record for helping us to save lives.


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