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Skills For Life (Institute of Advanced Motorists)

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A passion for riding is a wonderful thing. Whether you’ve always had it, you’ve rediscovered it or you’re new to it, that passion is something to be embraced.

We will be donating Skills for Life Motorcycle Training to individuals youths who are nominated by their parents, partners, families and have an interest to help them drive safely and possibly saving their lives.

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Advanced Riding is about taking that next step. Whether it’s about challenging your own standards or reassuring a loved one who struggles to share your enthusiasm, our Skill for Life program can make you a better rider.

The Advanced Test, which is quality assured by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), focuses on improving your safety and confidence when riding by helping you to stay one step ahead of other road users.

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The IAM has a growing network of dedicated, qualified observers throughout the country on hand to prepare you for your advanced test.
They will provide you with as many on road “observed rides” (typically between 6 and 8), as required to get you to test ready status.

Once you are happy with your progress you can book your advanced test which lasts about 90 minutes and is delivered by a qualified IAM examiner.

Typically, you can expect the whole programme, from your first assessment to test, to take 3-5 months. There is often flexibility here, so discuss this with your local IAM group contact.