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Our Story

Our Story

Who We Are.

MARTYS was established on the 6th of December 2014 for charitable purposes only and in particular the saving of lives and the relief of those in need by reason of financial hardship.

This will be achieved by raising awareness of motorcycle safety and safe driving, raising motorists awareness of motorcyclists, supporting charities that help save the lives of motorcyclists, charity Air Ambulance and Blood Bikes.

The charity will hope to raise funding for motorcyclists that are unable to afford advanced motorcycle training from the Institute of Advanced Motorists. The charity will also help to contributing to the funeral costs of the families of victims of a motorcycle accidents

Below is a short video from footage on Martyns last ride out on the day he died, the footage from the accident onwards is a dramatic adaption of what happened not live footage.

Some viewers might find this emotionally upsetting, view at your own discretion this is the reason the charity was created.








Video About Our Story

Martyn Austin was a young motorcyclist 22 years who was cut down in his prime,he had the whole world to live for he was on a ride out and the bike slid nearing a bend, his bike, then him slid into a car coming around the bend.

He died doing what he enjoyed. It took nearly 3 hours from the accident to get to Hospital, but had he got to Hospital earlier within the Golden Hour, He may or may not have survived we will never know.

He had just been accepted into university and was due to start in September 2014 that was the reason he purchased his bike.

But we can all help to raise funds and awareness to try to help other young motorcyclists live their dreams and not let parents go through what we had to endure in losing a son or daughter. It wont bring him back but we can make it safer riding experience and easier to get help if something does go wrong.

Meet The Team

Mark Austin
Founder Secretary and brother of Martyn

Mark was the inspiration to create the charity in his brothers name

Michelle Austin
Trustee and Martyn`s mum

Michelle felt that she wants to give something to everyone in Martyn`s name

Steve Austin
Trustee and Martyn`s Dad

If we could save one life in his name it would make me so proud and have given his passing some meaning

Duncan Smith
Victoria Walker ACCA
Meghan MacNeil
Paul Tonner
Andrew Hardie
Brenda Steel
Jamie Hunter ACCA
Jim Hunter


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